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Web Design London

Our London web designers will create your custom web design to do more than just impress with their good looks but to be an asset to your business.

Website design for your small business, Heezz design team will build for you a professional website and set everything up from hosting your domain name to a custom email address.

Web Design London

Web design involves lots of tasks tailored towards the creation and maintenance of websites that can be displayed on the World Wide Web. To have a functioning website, there are lots of elements that must be put in place, and these elements include web layout, colors, images, web structure, fonts, user interface, contrast, and word contents. If all these elements are combined in the right manner, the result is a beautiful and functional website that suits the needs of the owner. Web designers are professionals who are knowledgeable of how to create and maintain a website, and they usually have an array of web designing skills.
Over the years, web design has become an important and lucrative job as many businesses and individuals have gradually embraced the use of websites to showcase, and develop their services and products.

How are Websites Designed
The creation of website is done with the use of HTML which is a markup language (computer language that is used for defining elements found in a file). The tags of HTML are used to determine the contents and metadata (data for information about an item necessary for web usage). Apart from HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is used to format the layout necessary for the proper functioning of a web page. Without CSS, pages of a website will not have uniform appearances and this will definitely affect the aesthetics and functionality of the website. In most cases, many web designers use CSS and HTML to design a functioning website.

Qualities of an Effectual Web Design

1.    Functionality
This is the most important purpose of any web design. Every business has a reason for creating a website; therefore, an effective web design must be able to create a website that suits the functions it is intended to perform.

2.    Graphically aesthetic
From colors to images, grid layout and other graphical elements, a good web design must be able to produce a website that is appealing to the eyes of both the owners and users. An effective web design must bring a perfect balance to the appearance and positioning of the contents on a website.

3.    Easy Navigation
An effectual web design is to be able to create a website that users will have no difficulty with whenever they are navigating through its layouts.

4.    Responsiveness
Nobody is ready to waste minutes while navigating through one page and another on a website; therefore, responsiveness is an important quality of a good web design.

5.    Mobile Friendliness
As it stands today, lots of people usually make use of the internet via their mobile devices; hence, an effective web design must be able to cater for the needs of mobile users who would like to make use of the website created.

6.    Smooth Communication
No matter how friendly, aesthetic and responsive a website is if it doesn’t communicate its essence effectively with the users, it is an effort that will end up in futility. Resultantly, web designers must ensure any website they design pass across the message they want to communicate effectively to users. From typography to readability and symbolism, everything must work accordingly.

Web Design London By Heezz

Heezz a joint venture with Gabooz part and member of Option123 Ltd consist of extremely high-tech team workers which offer affordable hosting, hardworking web designers who will meet your requirements!!

We are all about great design and personal service that’s helpful, friendly and get the job done. Most importantly we make sure everything is designed to work for you!

web designer
Her role and responsibility is to accomplish the project objectives within the constraints of the web design project. She is responsible for the outcome (success or failure of the project). She is involved with the planning, controlling and monitoring the website design
web developer
He’s responsible for the web design, layout and the coding of your website. He is involved with the technical and graphical aspects of the site, how it works and how it looks.
graphic designer
Her role and responsibility is to creating a design that has a high visual impact. Her role consists of listening to clients and understanding their needs and requirements before making their website design decisions.
web marketing
His responsibility consists of design, manage and implement internet marketing services this includes paid search marketing, organic optimization, blog implementation and link building when required.



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