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Web Design London

Our London web designers will create your custom web design to do more than just impress with their good looks but to be an asset to your business.

Website design for your small business, Heezz design team will build for you a professional website and set everything up from hosting your domain name to a custom email address.

How do i Obtain a Domain?

Search when you find the domain your looking for then input the domain in the Order domain thus allowing 48 hours for your Domain to be processed with the Registrar

How long will it take before you start and complete my website?

Websites are typically developed through 4 main components; design, development, testing, and launch.
Our designer will start working with you within 48 hours after your purchase thus allowing 48 hours for your Domain to be processed with the Domains Registrar
You will be given log in details to start communicating with our designers.
The design of your website shouldn’t take any longer than 2 weeks

Will i be able to send and receive Emails from my domain?

Yes, you can Contact us for your required domain email address. We will provide you with Email configuration settings and how to set up Microsoft Outlook or any other program your using and any mobile device....

I want changes to my current website?

Login to your ClientResponse portal and communicate with our designers or just send us an email with your requirements. Heezz designers are allways happy to assist you in every possible way...

How many colour schemas are included in my website design?

You can ask for the colour to suit your needs. We Will also provide our custom website design with the ability to insert image background and many colour schemas are included...

How many colours can i choose from for my Main Navigation?

Choose from our wide selection of Navigation colour chart and communicate with our web designers

How many revisions for my custom website design can i have?

There will be unlimited revisions until clients satisfaction..

What is a responsive web design?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach to web design in which a designer intends to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to Ipads and mobile phones).

Once my website design is completed -what aftersales service do you offer?

We fully support any website we design and are always available should you encounter any problems or require any enhancements. We offer web site maintenance so that your website need never get out of date.

In what format should I supply Text and Images about my business for my new website?

It is helpful to us if you are able to provide text and images in electronic form (email) - for example, the files output .png .jpg .jpeg and any text...

Can you provide all our web design and hosting and Domain Name?

Yes - Our  company can provide all your web services. No more - not knowing who to call if you have problems - we can register your domain name - design your website - provide your web hosting and arrange your email accounts for you.

Can I have an e-commerce system for my website?

Yes you can. We have Secure Servers (SSL) which use the latest encryption methods to ensure that your customers can buy from you website knowing that the information they enter is secure and safe...

I have a domain can i transfer my domain?

Yes you can, just contact us with your domain and host details and we can guide you through the process. A transfer of a domain can take up to 72 houres.

Qualities of an Effectual Website

1.    Functionality
This is the most important purpose of any web design. Every business has a reason for creating a website; therefore, an effective web design must be able to create a website that suits the functions it is intended to perform.

2.    Graphically aesthetic
From colors to images, grid layout and other graphical elements, a good web design must be able to produce a website that is appealing to the eyes of both the owners and users. An effective web design must bring a perfect balance to the appearance and positioning of the contents on a website.

3.    Easy Navigation
An effectual web design is to be able to create a website that users will have no difficulty with whenever they are navigating through its layouts.

4.    Responsiveness
Nobody is ready to waste minutes while navigating through one page and another on a website; therefore, responsiveness is an important quality of a good web design.

5.    Mobile Friendliness
As it stands today, lots of people usually make use of the internet via their mobile devices; hence, an effective web design must be able to cater for the needs of mobile users who would like to make use of the website created.

6.    Smooth Communication
No matter how friendly, aesthetic and responsive a website is if it doesn’t communicate its essence effectively with the users, it is an effort that will end up in futility. Resultantly, web designers must ensure any website they design pass across the message they want to communicate effectively to users. From typography to readability and symbolism, everything must work accordingly.

Web Design London By Heezz

Heezz a joint venture with Gabooz part and member of Option123 Ltd consist of extremely high-tech team workers which offer affordable hosting, hardworking web designers who will meet your requirements!!

We are all about great design and personal service that’s helpful, friendly and get the job done. Most importantly we make sure everything is designed to work for you!


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